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Nancy Siegel, President
Nationally published wordsmith with 30+ years of résumé and business writing experience; earlier careers in feature writing, journal editing and textbook publishing. Click here for résumé.
Teaching the Client - Resume Services in Tampa,, FL
Free Services
  • No-obligation, free résumé critique & half-hour consultation: Show me your existing résumé (if you have one) and tell me your career interests, strengths and desired position. I evaluate your résumé, suggest strategies to improve your presentation and show you résumés I have written in your career field.
  • Free electronic copies (for clients): I email your documents to you as Microsoft Word and PDF attachments for you and trusted advisors to review. I provide a CD of your final document.
  • Free online, scannable résumé format (for clients): I reformat your résumé so that you are able to paste it or upload it onto job boards and employer websites.
  • Free file maintenance (for clients): I will maintain your electronic file on my computer for at least five years.
  • Free letter of resignation (for clients): When your résumé has done its job and the time has come to tell your old boss “goodbye,” I will happily compose a formal letter of resignation. This helps me to track your career progress.

Services Provided At Hourly Fees
  • Unique, face-to-face, résumé-writing process: We sit together at the computer in my office, while I interview you and create or update your résumé. You can see what I am writing and are able to collaborate in the creative process. Together we select and present your most marketable experience and accomplishments. This also provides you with an opportunity for a relaxed, informal interview rehearsal. We work together until you are confident that your written portrait showcases your qualifications.
  • Update of an existing résumé for new & old clients: If you are a new client, I can update your old résumé from your hard copy or electronic format. If you are an old client, I will work from your file that I have saved on my computer.
  • Powerful cover & thank-you letters: I summarize your qualifications and entice employers to read your résumé with a dynamic cover letter. After your employment interview, I create a customized "thank-you-for-the-interview" letter for you to strengthen your presentation and ask for the job!
  • Interview coaching & role playing: We build your confidence and interview skills with formal dress rehearsals.
  • Employee self-evaluation memos: Some employers require that you write a self-evaluation at periodic intervals. Together we write a memo in which you discuss your accomplishments and their importance to the organization. If your employer has given you an unfair performance review, we will craft a well-reasoned response.

  • I guarantee you will get interviews: If your new résumé and cover letter do not generate interviews (assuming you have widely applied for open positions for which you qualify), I will rewrite these documents at no additional charge.
  • Same-day turnaround: I will schedule sufficient time for us to create your résumé and cover letter in a single day. You walk out with a near-finished draft or final document (your choice). It is preferable that you take home a draft to read over and share with trusted friends and advisors who might suggest worthwhile changes to improve your presentation. I am happy to make these changes at no additional cost.
  • Your documents will be letter perfect: NO typos, misspellings, grammatical errors or awkward constructions!
  • Your documents will be tailored for your target audience: It is important to emphasize those qualifications valued by your target industry and to use correct industry-specific terms and acronyms. It is equally necessary to eliminate industry or military “jargon” when seeking new opportunities outside of your old career field.


Services Provided at Hourly Fees
  • Help with application essays for academic admissions: I provide face-to-face, step-by-step guidance on what to say and how to write a cogent, polished essay or “personal statement” required for application to law, medical, dental and veterinary schools or other graduate programs.
  • Critical analysis, professional editing and/or rewrite of journal articles & professional reports: After a careful reading, I suggest how to reorganize your text for cogency and comprehensibility, and/or I provide a final polish for high impact and readability.
  • Business plans, proposals, brochures & webpage content: Together we develop these products from concept through final copy
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